All About Pippa

Pippa is a toy poodle, commonly mistaken for being Lulu’s littermate. Despite being adopted seven months after Lulu in a different part of the state, people still ask me if I’m sure they are not related!

Lulu & Pippa - Love Bugs

Pippa (left) & Lulu (right)

No one would have mistaken Pippa for Lulu’s sister when she was found wandering in a field in Riverside, California, with ears that were dyed electric pink. She was emaciated, terrified, and lucky enough to be rescued by Lovebugs Rescue. When I saw this one-year old poodle (nicknamed “Pinky” by her rescuers because of her pink ears), I knew she belonged with us.

Pippa as a Rescue

Pippa, on the day we adopted her

Pippa has grown leaps and bounds since we first brought her home. She wants to do everything that Lulu does, and has learned to sit, stay, shake, and walk on a leash. She is never far behind Lulu, but has a hilarious affinity for chasing dogs much bigger than she around the dog park. Pippa is a true “lovebug,” and has taught us so much about love and life with small dogs.

Pippa the poodle

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