All About Lulu

Lulu is a maltipoo (maltese/poodle mix) , although about 80% of the people who meet her assume she is a bichon frise.  I think it’s her short snout and her big hair!

Lulu the Maltipoo!

Lulu the maltipoo!

Lulu was semi-rescued at only 9 weeks old from the outside barnhouse of a backyard breeder in San Jose, California.  Her rescuers couldn’t keep her in their apartment, and through a series of fortunate events, we adopted her.  Because she was so young at the time, Lulu doesn’t know she’s a “rescue dog,” and has nothing but confidence, trust, and satisfaction with the world around her.

Lulu as a Puppy

Lulu as a puppy, 9 weeks old

Lu is a ball of energy, excitement, and love!  Her favorite thing in the world to do is play fetch and then tease you with the ball when she brings it back (i.e. “come and get it!”).  Lulu is a licker, walks perfectly on a loose leash, and has mastered a handful of tricks including “BANG!”  She will do just about anything for salmon, and despite being a couple of months younger, is a great big sister to Pippa.

Pippa (left) & Lulu (right) as watchdogs!

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